What is Urban Wolf StudioS? When? Who? Where? Why? All are good questions, and now is a good time to talk. Urban Wolf Studios is today, a placeholder for something grand, amazing even. However, yesterday, specifically around 2014 we took ownership of the domain urbanwolfstudios.com and we used it as a place to dump some cool projects we were working on: Games we made, memes we liked and created, videos as well. It was just a grand time. Today things are different. you will find that this website has gone through some growing pains over the years and even remained dead for the most part. The biggest question we all faced is what the FUCK are we going to do with this site? Why did I keep paying the bills to keep it up if I wasn’t going to use it for anything else? I wanted to keep it because its a good name but also just in case I did want to do something with it. Soon you will find that we are going to increase our online presence once again. Hell, we have our own platform now, we can do whatever we want (within reason, we aren’t monsters)